San Pedro Alcántara

The Playa San Pedro de Alcantara features a long straight and wide beach, with a lovely promenade where you can enjoy cycling, or taking a leisurely stroll. The best part is the beach is never crowded due to its size, and its high standards of cleanliness and the facilities are recognized by the Blue Flag award.

San Pedro might just surprise you when it comes to nightly activities throughout the small town. You have plenty of choices when it comes to a vibrant and exciting nightlife. The “Forbidden Square” is popular amongst the locals, especially on weekends during the summer months. The 10 or so bars in the square attract a young crowd, who eventually spill out into the square later in the evenings, mingling and dancing around until sunrise. Besides the pop music at the discos reeling in the younger crowd, you will also find Salsa bars, a large selection of tapa bars, and best of all, the Plaza de Iglesia, where you can enjoy free concerts outside throughout the entire year


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