horse riding marbella

Horse rides can be made for those amateurs who already have properly trained horses and the necessary technical and support material. However, there are many people who, not having a saddle or material, enjoy the extraordinary sensation of riding on the back of an animal as special as the horse. For these people, in the Serranía de Ronda there are riding schools where it is possible to take riding lessons for all levels or simply go for a ride accompanied by an expert guide

The Andalusian horse (Pura Raza Española) is one of the most splendid, noble and beautiful animals that exist. And Costa del Sol is a paradise of marvelous extremes to enjoy. In Malaga you can ride a horse on the beach, take a route through the mountains, ride paths through the woods, or enjoy the breeze and palm trees that are born on the shores of the Mediterranean.

In Malaga you will find numerous equestrian centers throughout the province. Here you can learn to ride a horse and become familiar with dressage, cowboy or high school. If there is one thing that equestrian art can boast of, it is that it can be enjoyed by both the youngest and the oldest. In some of these centers they also offer classes and activities with ponies.

Apart from riding lessons, these centers surprise with events and shows to enjoy with intensity this animal.

If you would like to take some riding lessons, or simply go horse riding in Marbella in Costa del Sol, Kamilia Lahbabi Luxury Services will manage your bookings with maximum efficiency, comfort and discretion.

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