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Event and Wedding Planning Marbella


Event Planning


Private events are the perfect occasion to share
a nice evening with your family and friends.

The organization of an event requires taking care of every single detail so that everything runs perfectly.

We work with exclusivity and commitment to ensure the best results in contracted services.

We want your events to be unique and unrepeatable, creating a characteristic and distinctive image. Because small details are what make us unique.

We plan your private parties, birthdays and other anniversaries, bachelor parties, thematic parties, etc.

Wedding Planning Services

We believe that each wedding is unique, and by getting to know our clients personal we can ensure their event is a true reflection of them.

We hold your hand through each and every detail — You simply show up and enjoy. Creative wedding ideas, design advice, and inspiration are part of the services we provide.

We will design your special day to reflect your personal style. We approach each event with the same level of professionalism, style and attention to detail in order to carry out your vision of the perfect day.

Both you and your guests will keep a pleasant memory of your event that will make it unforgettable.

The organization of your events will always be in the control of qualified professionals who meet your needs and know the latest trends.

We organize, plan, coordinate and personalize your private events in Marbella and in Costa del Sol.

With the services offered by Kamilia Lahbabi Luxury Services, successful events are guaranteed.

events and wedding planning Marbella

Keep a pleasant memory of your Event

We Organize, Coordinate and Personalize your Private Events.